Aurobots Team 7456

Information about Aurobots Team 7456

The Aurobots team has finished our rookie year and is now getting ready for our 2019/2020 year

We have a diverse team of students that make up our 4 departments. The team is run like a business. We obviously have a programming and engineering department but we also have a business and design department.

Our Team:

President: Amanda Bishop

Head of Programming: Aaron Pedulla

Head of Engineering: Boran Seckin

Head of Business: Hannah Trub

Head of Design: Yasmin Kurbanova

Head of CAD & Blueprints: Sude Sayyan

Head of Compliance & Safety: Frank Dong

Shadow President: Julia MacFarlane

Shadow Head of Engineering: Erik Floyd

Shadow Head of Design: Iza Kurbanova

Head Mentor: Todd Hickling

And thank you to the rest of our teachers: Maha Azim, Miriam Batthish, Shelly Bojahra, Kiana Ghaznavi, Yunyoung Kim, Antonio Kirkimtzis, Carol Nerling, Tanya Sudy, and Kristine Toms.